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Green Cleaning

The Green Cleaning movement has gained momentum around the world – there is strong demand from governments, companies and the public to encourage environmental sustainability.

Green Cleaning involves using refined cleaning processes that utilise environmentally friendly cleaning products and energy saving processes.

Many companies and organisations have set a charter to achieve a “triple bottom line” in recognising financial, social and environmental considerations.

Green Cleaning promotes environmental sustainability; and it contributes to the well being of the wider community.

A successful Green Cleaning programme requires a partnership between the customer, the customer’s staff, and the cleaning service provider. The customer needs to set up certain processes, i.e. recycling, which both staff and the cleaners can follow.

As cleaning professionals, Green Earth believes that we can take a lead in encouraging sustainability, and promoting the benefits of Green Cleaning to our

A Few Words About Us

We have been in the cleaning industry for over 20 years and have always recognised the need to provide our clients with the safest cleaning  methods and  to ensure their health and well being.

With the current availability of commercial grade green chemicals, microfibre cloths, steam generators and other environmentally responsible methods of cleaning we can now utilize all of these new technologies to bring our customers cleaning that is safe for them as well as our planet.


We founded Green Earth Cleaning to provide a new service to businesses and individuals – like us – who are concerned about their environmental footprint and the way we treat our planet.

Our philosophy is that being green doesn’t have to be difficult and by small actions we can make a difference.

In short, being green doesn’t have to cost the earth.


By simply changing our cleaning methods, being more selective in the chemicals we use, being careful in how we dispose of waste and knowing what we can recycle, we can make a difference.

If you’re serious about your business’s environmental impact, how you clean your premises is the first place to start.

At Green Earth, we can help you to stay green and stay clean.

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